The Wolf Among Us 2 is finally here

I got on the Telltale Games train a little late. Well, let me rephrase that; by the time I played any of the brilliant Telltale Games, the company was already defunct. By emphasizing the narrative aspect of games through their distinctive point-and-click adventure style, Telltale Games vaulted to success and acclaim in the video game market. Ironically, Telltale's unique style is what ultimately doomed them. Since Telltale existed as the only viable publisher in the big-budget point-and-click adventure games genre, they accidentally flooded their own market as they expanded. Consequently, the sequel to one of their first and most popular games, Fables: A Wolf Among Us, was shelved. Thankfully, Telltale Games is finally coming back to provide closure for fans. 

In the video linked above, we get to see the first trailer of the hotly anticipated A Wolf Among Us 2, based on the classic Vertigo comic series Fables. If you're looking for some variety in your video games, Telltale games are the best option to break the monotony of modern games.