Cousins or brothers? When identical twins have children with identical twins

Once again proving that societal labels are what you make of them these twin sisters, who married twin brothers, refer to their similarly aged sons as brothers, twins, and cousins.

NY Post:

Brittany and Briana are identical twins who married identical twins Josh and Jeremy Salyers and then gave birth to babies within months of one another.

They uploaded an Instagram post of their adorable sons Jett and Jax and said they are "Cousins, genetic brothers, and quaternary twins."

Many people took to the comments confused at how this was possible. 

One person explained: "Their mothers and fathers are identical twins. Both sets of parents then had kids. Same exact DNA created both."

Another added: "Identical twins share the same DNA and both sets of parents are identical."

"If this family took an ancestry DNA Test it would show these babies as siblings, not cousins!"