The nutty Jay Ward TV show you never saw

I found this obscure pilot for a TV show by Jay Ward and Bill Scott, the creators of "Rocky and Bullwinkle" and the very first Cap'n Crunch commercials. It's called the "The Nut House!" and it sure is nutty!! It's filled with wacky 1960's humor and satirical send ups of Broadway shows and live TV productions.

Why wasn't this show produced? I'm guessing one reason might be the same reason Stan Freberg liked RADIO: he could paint a picture economically with just words and evocative sounds and not have to stage expensive productions. "The Nut House!" goes the other way— the final number is so, SO over the top, with huge orchestra, choir, cast of characters, feather-headressed Las Vegas showgirls, a bevy of singing tap-dancers, marching band, and pyrotechnics that they must have blown through an entire season's budget on the just the pilot!

(Eagle-eyed viewers will spot Laugh-In's Alan Sues and trumpeter/comedian Jack "I'm Only A Bill" Sheldon in the cast!)