The teaser trailer for Street Fighter 6 is here

I'll never be able to shake the excitement I experience whenever a new Street Fighter trailer drops. Whether they're announcing a new iteration of the franchise or a downloadable character, Street Fighter trailers are the video game equivalent of getting a postcard from a childhood pen pal. Street Fighter II was the first game that I ever owned. Consequently, I frame the concept of video games as a medium around the competitive nature that's intrinsic to fighting games. And while I may have migrated to Tekken as my preferred fighter, Street Fighter still lives in my heart. 

Although Street Fighter V was a solid game, the failure of its initial launch hamstrung the game's potential from the jump. Capcom eventually made enough changes to pacify its player base, but, at that point, the damage had already been done. With Street Fighter 6, Capacom has the chance to reassert itself at the top of the fighting game heap and dethrone the new king of the genre in Tekken. Check out the dynamic teaser trailer of the Street Fighter 6 in the video linked above.