This sweet new webcomic tells the story of Merry's horse Stybba from Lord of the Rings

The recently-announced Amazon Prime miniseries The Rings of Power has (understandably) hogged all the hype reserved for random background characters from Tolkien's complex Middle-Earthen history. Notably missing from that production, however, is Stybba, the Rohan pony given to the hobbit Merry in The Return of the King. Stybba was kind of a tricky gift — a shaggy little foal who was too slow to keep up with the rest of the riders, intentionally given to Merry to keep him from the dangers that awaited at the battle of Minas Tirith.

While this of course lead Merry into other adventures … no one really knows what came of Stybba. Which is why someone decided to make this adorable ongoing webcomic about the plucky pony:

Clearly, it takes a bit of turn beyond the traditional Lord of the Rings aesthetic. But that's what makes it fun! The ongoing comic updates every Tuesday.

The Adventures of Stybba