BBC reports OnlyFans tried to get rival adult stars blacklisted from social media

BBC News reports that OnlyFans conspired to get adult performers working for rival websites blacklisted from social media sites, and even bribed staff at those social media sites to get it done.

Legal documents, previously unreported, claim OnlyFans directed an unidentified social media company to disable accounts of performers by placing their content on a terrorism database.

It is alleged that OnlyFans representatives paid bribes to the firm's employees to facilitate the practice. OnlyFans says it is aware of the legal claim and it has "no merit".

How the social media terrorist database thinger works:

FanCentro claims the social media content of adult performers promoting rival websites to OnlyFans were placed on an international database – the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT). The database uses advanced technology to stop the spread of terrorist images by recording a unique digital signature for them, known as "hashes".

The hash database is shared between all 18 members of the forum – including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. If one company hashes a video or photograph, it is flagged to other members so they can moderate similar content on their platform.

But someone at those companies must still look at the flagged account and take action. Who did OnlyFans allegedly bribe to actually make it happen?

This happened most noticeably on Instagram, according to the filing. … Facebook is not named in the legal action but BBC News has learned that it has been issued with a subpoena – meaning it may be compelled to provide records.