Behold, a pen with the power to translate languages and talk back to you

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Suppose you're an enthusiastic international traveler that loves to learn about new cultures and embrace all languages. In that case, the NEWYES Scan Reader pen will be your new favorite device. This is a forward-thinking multifunctional pen that can translate up to 112 different languages with both text and voice recognition.

Open any book, and the NEWYES pen will scan and recognize 3,000 characters per minute. It'll also translate text within three seconds with a 98% accuracy rate — talk about a fast learner! Additionally, it's a huge time saver because it can easily save texts, quotes, and voice recordings that can be transferable to your PC or Mac via USB. 

For less than $200, the NEWYES Scan Reader pen is beneficial for translating foreign languages and capable of assisting during many other life scenarios. For example, the NEWYES has been a vast academic breakthrough for people with dyslexia and other learning disabilities that excel with audible dictation. It's also an excellent tool for habitual readers who want to learn the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary, students who need assistance while note-taking or studying, and professionals involved in international deals or meetings. 

Best of all, it's a multi-purpose portable device that you can take anywhere you go, making it accessible for all situations and having unlimited potential. Checkout the NEWYES Scan Reader pen in action:

Have you ever wanted to pick up a book and read it in a foreign language or instantly be able to have a fluent conversation with someone from another country? Become your most efficient self and understand various languages with the state-of-the-art NEWYES Scan Reader pen, now 37% off its original price and on sale for $125 — an investment worth a thousand words. 

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