George R. R. Martin and Marvel are working on a project together

Following the path of Reese's candy- combining two perfectly viable treats into one- Marvel and Game of Thrones mastermind George RR Martin are set to work on a new venture together.

Focusing on Martin's Wild Cards universe, Marvel comics will provide comic adaptations centered on the host of stories in the franchise.

Wild Cards tells the story of an alternate history where Earth is home to super-powered individuals and spans more than 25 novels and 20 short stories.

As an anthology series, Wild Cards comprises several different stories from a litany of authors, with Martin serving as the guiding hand that refines the tales. While this news is pretty awesome, it does make me wonder how George RR Martin has the time to work on a project like this and not have time to finish A Dream of Spring. C'mon, George, we've been more than patient.