In search of the perfect screwdriver

Last month on his channel, Adam Savage showed off his collection of Stanley Workmaster screwdrivers from the 1970s, declaring his love especially for their handle design. During the video, he admitted that he was a little reluctant to declare his interest in these vintage tools because he had not collected all of them yet and was afraid he was creating his own competition in trying to complete the set.

It turns out, the opposite happened. Tested viewers began sending him the missing drivers. I love this story!

In my weekly maker tips newsletter, I did a piece about Adam's video and asked my readers if they had a favorite driver design. I quickly discovered that makers are passionate about their screwdrivers. I got a ton of responses. A number of readers seconded Adam on the Stanleys. Many also recommended the Snap-On Ratcheting driver. And everyone seems unanimous in their affection for the Wiha drivers for electronics work.

Do you have a screwdriver design/driver set that they'll have to pry from your cold dead hand?

Image: Screengrab