Putin is a killer and that's okay with Trump, as seen in this roundup video

All Vladimir Putin has to do is butter Trump up with false praise — like calling him "brilliant" or a "genius" — and Trump is putty in the murderous dictator's hands.

When reminded by MSNBC hosts that Putin kills journalists and political opponents, Trump says, "At least he's a leader."

When told by Bill O'Reilly that "Putin's a killer," Trump says, "There's a lot of killers…"

When asked if he was offended that Putin said nice things about Trump, he said, "No!"

Of course it must be more than just warm fuzzies that keep Trump tucked into Vladimir's bed, but what that might be is still locked behind closed doors. In the meantime, here is a truncated roundup of the many times Trump has licked Putin's boot in public. Who knows what goes on in private.