The hilariously mellifluous Scott Grimes

Voice actors don't get nearly enough credit. Regardless of their talents, voice actors are seemingly fated to take a back seat to "real actors" in the West forever. The bulk of Mark Hamil's Hollywood career is dependent on his time in the vocal booth recording cartoons, but most fans still think his career peaked in Star Wars

Due to the unfathomable level of voice control required to produce such a divergent array of characters, several voice actors moonlight as singers and vice versa. Seth Mcfarlane is probably the most famous example of a gifted voice actor doubling as a powerhouse singer, but his American Dad! Costar Scott Grimes might be my personal favorite.

 Even casual fans of American Dad! are probably familiar with the running gag of Grimes' character Steve Smith spontaneously breaking into R & B ditties, as it's one of the show's most beloved running gags. Grimes serenades the audience at San Diego Comic-Con in the video linked above with a live version of Steve Smith's song Daddy's Gone.