Why this 5,000 year old chalk drum is one of the most important prehistoric finds in Britain

In support of the current show at The British Museum, "The World of Stonehenge," History Hit's Tristan Hughes takes a closer look at one of the artifacts in the exhibition, the so-called Burton Agnes chalk drum. This item was discovered in a Yorkshire barrow grave site along with the skeletons of three "cuddling" children.

The museum show is not just about Stonehenge and the area around it but an attempt to present the larger context of what was going on in Britain (and elsewhere in Europe) during this time, a period when farming was beginning to take hold and the region was experiencing an artistic flowering.

In the video, the archeologist who discovered the drum and a British Museum curator explain the importance of this particular piece of grave goods and how it offers clues to the life, art, funeral practices, and human movement in this region during the late neolithic.

Image: Screengrab