The band Pinc Louds personifies the busking heart of New York City

When you visit New York, the throngs of buskers and panhandlers are a charming wrinkle that adds another delightful layer of texture to the city's fabric. After living in New York for a year, they essentially become the equivalent of subway rats that know how to harmonize. It takes a lot for a busker to stand out in the cynical eyes of New Yorkers. Yet, somehow, Pinc Louds have developed the ability to consistently erode the granite that surrounds the heart of your average Manhattanite. 

I'll never forget the day I first discovered Pinc Louds. A thick haze of mid-evening lethargy enveloped everyone standing on the subway platform under Christopher street. The gloomy mood snapped in half the second Claudi, the band's lead singer and songwriter, pranced into the station. We were all transfixed by the vibrantly cheerful person in a bright pink frock armed with an acoustic guitar and enough silent charisma to wrangle every eye that fell on her. And then she started to play the song linked above. The performance was effervescent and wholly captivating despite being a solo act. The second I got home, I downloaded their album and fell in love. 

For a while, Pinc Louds were just that quirky busking act known only to a lucky few, but during the pandemic, Pinc Louds became the talk of the town. Credited as being the band that "saved the summer," Pinc Louds used Covid restrictions to their benefit. With the dearth of bands and places to see them, Claudi and friends vaulted to a new stratum of popularity through their open-air, subway adjacent performances. While they're still an indie band, it's great to see Pinc Louds finally garner the praise I always felt they should. Check out my favorite Pinc Louds song, dreamcatcher, in the video above.