The life of women samurai

Like most of the famous warrior sects that existed in antiquity, samurais are traditionally depicted as predominately male. Obviously, there have always been female branches on the samurai family tree, but the stories of those women are generally shunned by the media. I can't think of a single movie that features a samurai woman in the lead, but there are more male-centric samurai flicks than you can shake a katana at. Granted, one should never go to Hollywood adaptations for truth, but the lack of historical representation speaks to how infrequently these stories are discussed. Thankfully, Nutty History looks to amend this injustice.

In the video linked above, Nutty History's YouTube channel details What Life Was Like as a Female Samurai'. In addition to expounding on the rigors of the samurai way, Nutty History also highlights some of the most intriguing women that would ever don armor and wield the daisho.