Here's an awesome cover of the Snake Eater theme by the Consouls

We're not too far off from the Hollywood adaptation of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. A few months back, rumors of Oscar Issac's being cast as Solid Snake made their way around the net. To be clear, I'm not worried about Issac's ability to pull off the role; I'm more concerned with Hollywood's ability to translate Metal Gear to the screen. Although the worm is only slightly beginning to turn with movies like Detective PikachuSonic the Hedgehog, and shows like Aracne, Hollywood is still notorious for failing to capture the magic of video games. Hopefully, since Metal Gear borrows from a host of successful film franchises, Hollywood will be able to emulate movies that influenced Hideo Kojima's espionage masterpiece. The James Bond franchise is a great place to start.

In the video linked above, the Consouls offer their rendition of the Snake Eater theme. Although the theme already has enough touches of Bond in the original version, the Consoul's interpolation could fit perfectly during the title card of a Metal Gear Solid movie.