People mostly ignored this 1970 Vashti Bunyan album but it's gained a large following over the years

Just Another Diamond Day by English folk singer Vashti Bunyan is a beautiful album that was initially overlooked when it was released in 1970. Her music makes me feel like I'm laying in a meadow and watching the clouds go by. Bunyan has the voice of an angel, but she became discouraged when very few copies of Just Another Diamond Day were sold. By 2000, though, the album had gained many fans. After a 30 year period of not releasing music, Vashti began putting her music out into the world again. She released Lookaftering in 2005, and Heartleap in 2014. I'm grateful she decided to share her talent with the world after the long hiatus.

From the YouTube description:

Just Another Diamond Day is the great debut album by United Kingdom singer-songwriter Vashti Bunyan. In the mid to late 1960s, Bunyan was under contract to Andrew Oldham, which saw her release two singles. However, Bunyan found the experience frustrating, and decided to head for the Scottish islands in search of an artistic commune supposedly established by Donovan. She travelled around the countryside with her partner Robert, in a horse-drawn wagon. It was during these travels that she wrote the songs which would later appear on Just Another Diamond Day. Bunyan returned to London where she was urged by producer Joe Boyd to record her songs while they were still fresh. The recording session took place throughout December 1969 at Sound Techniques in London. Song arrangements were performed by Robert Kirby, who also worked with Nick Drake. Members of Fairport Convention and Incredible String Band contributed to some tracks. The album was initially released in 1970 but was a commercial failure and Bunyan retired from music for many years.