Unexplained Encounters is podcast about creepy, interesting, and (supposedly) real stories

I recently began listening to a podcast called Unexplained Encounters, about creepy, interesting, and (supposedly) real stories. The stories are submitted by listeners, and the one thing that all of the tales have in common is that they're unexplainable. All sorts of subjects are covered from paranormal happenings to bizarre things that people working the night shift saw (episode 332). I recently listened to Episode 348, which was a compilation of creepy things that happened to people in small towns, and it was thoroughly spooky. If you enjoy getting creeped out, give this podcast a listen.

Eeriecast Network:

"Host Darkness Prevails brings you Unexplained Encounters, a podcast where everyday folk share their most terrifying and unexplained experiences. From mysterious creatures seen in national forests to supernatural events disrupting peoples' lives, prepare to explore the unexplained. These stories might sound bizarre, but it's up to you to decide which to believe. Submit your story to Unexplained Encounters at darkstories.org"