Good Ranchers helps you buy American — with top-quality premium meats delivered to your home

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Making the effort to buy American and steer your purchasing power toward American-made products from America-based companies is certainly noble. It's also a lot harder to actually accomplish than it may seem. For example, plenty of cars and trucks from iconic U.S. automakers like the Chevy Silverado, Ford Fusion, and others are actually produced in Mexico. 

Similarly, if you think you're buying American meat at your supermarket just because it sports a USDA sticker…well, we've got some bad news. Companies can slap a "Product of the USA" label on any meat that is processed at any point on U.S. soil. This means that much of the high-grade beef you'll find in your neighborhood supermarket was actually born and raised in countries like New Zealand and Uruguay. 

In fact, the US imported 4.4 billion pounds of beef in 2020. Stats like that didn't sit well with Good Ranchers founder Ben Spell, who started his subscription box delivery service in 2018 to ship only 100 percent American-sourced top-quality beef, chicken, pork, and seafood to be served in American homes.

The Good Ranchers' approach keys on heavily vetting each and every American farm and ranch that supplies meat for their meat boxes. Good Ranchers only does business with U.S. locations that adhere to rigid quality standards, including a focus on animal wellness and overall sustainability with a commitment to minimizing any negative environmental impact.

Those stringent guidelines help Good Ranchers create boxes of top-quality meat cuts delivered to a customer's front door at prices that actually undercut the grocery store's foreign meats. Each cut included in any of Good Ranchers' meat assortments has been hand-trimmed, individually packaged, and USDA-graded as either Prime or Choice, the top two grades of meat available.

From steak lovers to chicken fans and beyond, Good Rancher boxes are flash-frozen and assembled to offer all those premium varieties to serve between 30 and more than 90 meals from a single box. By buying in bulk, the average price of a Good Ranchers meal costs out to about $3.21 – more than 40 percent lower than the cost of other meat delivery companies. 

Shoppers can choose from boxes like the Ranchers Classic, including T-Bones, Bone-in New York Strips, filets, signature steak burgers, and more. Or they can go with the Better Than Organic Chicken, including 50 meals worth of pre-seasoned chicken breasts in lemon herb and thyme, chili lime, garlic pepper, and other varieties. There's also an overflowing seafood box available full of rainbow trout, Atlantic salmon, Pacific snapper, and more, all ready to fill up 32 dinner plates.

Good Rancher meat boxes can be purchased one at a time, or customers can save more by signing on to a subscription, receiving their favorite box every 4, 6, or 8 weeks.

Good Ranchers shoppers can save up to $25 off the cost of their first meat box while also earning free express shipping with code BOINGBOING.

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