Ukraine's 13 Snake Island defenders not killed in action, taken prisoner

The defenders of Snake Island, who famously told a Russian warship to go f*ck itself are not dead as initially reported. After repelling 2 attacks and running out of ammunition they were apparently taken prisoner by the Russian warship and have been taken to Sevastopol, in the Crimea, where they are being held.


The Ukrainian defenders of Snake Island — who were all feared dead after their defiant response to threats from a Russian warship — are actually "alive and well," according to the Ukrainian Navy.All of the soldiers on the tiny island in the Black Sea were thought to have been killed in an attack on the first day of Russia's invasion of Ukraine last Thursday.According to a purported audio exchange, one of the Ukrainian troops had responded to a warning from an approaching Russian vessel to lay down their weapons or face bombing by saying, "Russian warship, go f*** yourself."

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said later on Thursday that 13 soldiers on Snake Island all died "heroically" by Russian bombardment. But — after the Ukrainian border guard said that it had information disputing the deaths — a statement on Monday from the country's navy suggested this was certainly not the case.