WonderDay Gummies use the power of mushrooms to create a better-balanced you.

Leaning on the likes of caffeine is an antiquated way to get through the day. We all know that downing coffee can give us a concentrated caffeine boost to help power through the day. And most people know caffeine is a stimulant — but the drug doesn't actually set your body up for optimal performance. With the caffeine high comes the dreaded caffeine crash that causes fogginess and lethargy.

If this sounds like a less-than-perfect approach to remaining sharp and getting the best out of your day, you're right. WonderDay Mushroom Gummies from Plant People offers many of the same positive effects of caffeine — as well as many other benefits — through mushroom extracts, but without the dreaded crash later.

Of course, part of what makes WonderDay Gummies so effective is that it isn't just one variety of mushrooms in play. This multi supplement is a formula of 10 functional, adaptogenic mushrooms, each offering different targeted boosts throughout the body, all while also working hand-in-hand with each other. As a group, that blanket approach helps make sure that the collection of extracts works to support a body and mind everywhere it's most needed, from promoting brain clarity, sharpening focus, and increasing energy to reducing anxiety and even boosting gut health and immune function.

Each of these researched-backed, vegan, non-GMO gummies are formulated so that each mushroom type is able to show its stuff and make an impact in helping your body and mind respond to stressors. These yummy multis feature mushroom superstars like Lion's Mane for brain health, Reishi for reducing stress and promoting calm, Cordyceps for increased energy, and Turkey Tail for improving the health of your intestinal tract.

While WonderDay Gummies are free from corn syrup and gelatin, they do include some genuine taste. Created by a trained chef, each WonderDay Gummy delivers a wild raspberry flavor that's more like a little treat than a supplement.

Users have plenty of good things to say about the effects of the gummies, including a stellar 4.9 out of a 5-star rating from nearly 100 reviews. "I usually take them in the afternoon and it for sure puts a pep in my step," user Mia said. "Not to mention my overall mental clarity improving. I was having major brain fog and I do feel it lifting taking these every day."

You can check out what a burst of mushrooms can do for you with a 60-gummy jar of Plant People WonderDay Mushroom Gummies for just $29.99. Users can also save up to 15% off their first purchase of $30 or more with code BOINGBOING15.

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