Learning new things doesn't have to be a chore – Brilliant makes it fun

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If your life dream is to be a teacher, you can expect to spend four to five years training before standing in front of a classroom of students. It'll usually take about a decade to finish all the training for a career as a scientist. And if you want to become a doctor, most are looking at about 12 to 14 years of classes, testing, residency, and more to become a fully licensed physician.

As a former Beatle once said, it don't come easy. Of course, learning new skills doesn't have to take forever. And as with up-and-coming teachers and doctors, training in a new discipline isn't always about reading through boring textbooks and staying awake through droning lectures.

In the best cases, learning is about doing. And since the best minds never stop learning, the best minds also never stop doing. Brilliant offers the opportunity for learning by doing, letting thoughtful, focused learners dig in to complex math and science topics in a smart, entertaining way.

Brilliant takes a whole new approach to learning

Brilliant is tailored to those who find learning fun. It's home to more than 60 courses packed with story-telling, code-writing, and interactive challenges to help present STEM subjects in a whole new way. 

First and foremost, Brilliant knows that learning should be fun. Since there's no easier way to lose interest than with dry, boring readings and uninspired, passive assessments, Brilliant makes these complex topics relatable. Each problem includes a context and framework needed to tackle it, so concepts become clear through application. That direct path makes it simple to go from curiosity to mastery one day at a time…and it's so much fun, it never feels like learning.

 Applied Probability sounds like an impenetrable college science course, but here, it's chock full of dice games and practical applications of probability in physics, meteorology, and even tennis to give the idea a fun, real world grounding.

Brilliant is for challenging, enquiring minds who know that learning about topics like computer science, logic, or math could pay dividends later.

But even if you don't plan on ever using these knowledge areas professionally, Brilliant scratches an even more imperative item: the need for new knowledge and the pursuit of that cloud-parting moment when a difficult subject clicks into place and you get it. 

Try Brilliant now

Crafted for the ambitious learner, this offer is a great time to sample all the fascinating topics found in the Brilliant curriculum. Right now, interested knowledge seekers can journey over to the Brilliant website, spin through a sample of some of their course offerings, and start mastering math and science principles in minutes for as low as less than $12.50 a month. The first 200 participants to sign up will receive a discount of 20% on an annual subscription!