Watch: A lost gentleman from Texas joins forces with Russian soldiers to "bring down the hammer"

It's not all Russians on the ground attacking Ukraine. Among the Russian military is one confused gentleman from Texas who is now a foot soldier for Putin, proudly standing with the "denazifiers and liberators" in Ukraine.

"These guys are tough, these guys are ready, and there's plenty of 'em," says middle-aged Russell Bonner Bentley, who stands near his Russian comrades in the video clip below. "So far, Russia has used about 10% of its military power, and we're gettin' ready to bring the hammer down!"

Bentley, who once "vied for a seat in the US Senate," according to Texas Monthly, says he's "gonna save and liberate the good people in Ukraine, and the bad people …" He pauses to kick at the ground for effect. "Boom! Kick their ass."

For more background on Bentley, who used be "an Army engineer based in Germany, a hard-partying musician in South Padre, a marijuana legalization activist in Minnesota and Alaska, and a drug trafficker on the run from the U.S. Marshals" before slurping up Russian propaganda seven years ago, check out this fascinating read in Texas Monthly.