Roman mosaic is largest uncovered in London for 50 years

A Roman mosaic dating to the late 2nd-3rd century is the largest to be uncovered in London for 50 years, reports The Guardian. Discovered "about a month ago" at a construction site near the London Shard, the "lavish" design features a red-tiled tessellating rope and was probably the floor of a triclinium, a formal dining room.

…part of a Roman mansio, effectively an upmarket motel offering accommodation, dining and stabling to state officials and couriers travelling to and from Londinium across the river. The footprint of the building is still being uncovered, but it appears to have been a large complex around a central courtyard. Another large Roman building was also found at the site, which archaeologists say was likely to have been the private residence of a wealthy individual or family. Traces of lavishly painted walls, terrazzo and mosaic floors, coins and jewellery have been found.

The Travel Tavern, circa 200 A.D.