This edible Nimbus 2000 and other Hogwarts-themed pasta look amazing, Harry Potter fan or not

Danny Freeman is a pasta enthusiast whose @dannylovespasta TikTok videos show the many creative ways he prepares the food (e.g., candy-shaped pasta, snowmen ravioli, and special noodles made just for his dog). When a British website asked him to create Harry Potter pasta to help them celebrate the 20th anniversary of the movie franchise's first film, he went all out. Check out the edible Hogwarts scarves, sorting hats, Nimbus 2000 brooms, and golden snitches in the two videos below.


The snitch kinda fell apart but I managed to piece it together 😭 #harrypotter #pastatiktok #pasta #hogwarts

♬ Harry Potter – The Intermezzo Orchestra

Via Hindustan Times