Watch this video about an artist who digs through New York City's old garbage to create his work

The Artifact Artist, aka Scott Jordan, spends his time digging up New York City's old garbage (some is 300 years old) to create contemporary art. Jordan has been digging under the big apple for old artifacts since 1969, and finds all sorts of amazing things. He shows us an old gin bottle covered in layers of crust, clay pipes, glassware, and more. He sells some of his findings at a flea market and keeps others at home in his personal collection. As someone who enjoys collecting oddities, I can understand how it would become addicting to search for cool objects under the city like this. Seeing all of Jordan's awesome findings makes me wonder about the story behind each object. 

From Vimeo:

Urban archeologist Scott Jordan unearths 300 years of New York City's garbage to create 21st century art work. 

Uprooted from the forests of Connecticut to move to New York City, 9 yr. old Scott Jordan declares "I won't be a city kid!" 45 yrs. Later Scott is an urban archeologist. An Indiana Jones in Gotham. Hand digging out centuries old privies, cisterns and landfills across the five boroughs Scott is uncovering artifacts and preserving New York City history by creating artifact art with the treasures he discovers.

The Artifact Artist is an official selection of AFI Docs, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, Indy Shorts, Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, Newport Beach Film Festival and Arizona International's Film Festival.

Produced & Directed by Russ Kendall