With the Russian economy in freefall, oligarchs are calling for peace

Russian oligarchs and their families are facing severe repercussions from economic sanctions imposed on Russia. They are also calling for world peace and the safety of their Ukrainian brothers and sisters. That's so nice of them!

Russian billionaire Mikhail Fridman is chairman of Alfa Bank, Russia's largest private bank. Recent sanctions against Alfa Bank are blocking it transacting with the United States. Fridman, who was born in Ukraine, wrote a letter to his staff saying, "I am deeply attached to Ukrainian and Russian peoples and see the current conflict as a tragedy for them both. This crisis will cost lives and damage two nations who have been brothers for hundreds of years. While a solution seems frighteningly far off, I can only join those whose fervent desire is for the bloodshed to end." In 2017 Fridman and the other owners of Alfa Bank sued Buzzfeed for publishing a report alleging financial ties and collusion between Putin, Donald Trump, and the bank's owners.

Meanwhile, Russian aluminum tycoon Oleg Deripaska — who says U.S. allegations about his ties to Paul Manafort were "very absurd" — posted an urgent demand on Telegram for humanitarianism: "Peace is very important! Negotiations need to start as soon as possible!"

From CNN:

The United States is even targeting the families of oligarchs — a new step aimed at eroding support for Putin among Russia's elite. Last week, the US Treasury sanctioned the sons of two of Putin's closest officials.

"Elites close to Putin continue to leverage their proximity to the Russian President to pillage the Russian state, enrich themselves, and elevate their family members into some of the highest positions of power," the Treasury Department said in announcing the sanctions.