Anti-semitic Kentucky Republican 'meant absolutely no harm' with his misogynist rant against women's access to health care; apparently, stands by his alternate history of the Holocaust

During a debate on abortion rights, Kentucky Representative Danny Bently offered up what amounted to Holocaust fanfiction and a tirade about women's access to health care based on what appears to be largely imagined or derived from questionable sources fables about medicine and science.

Jewish people and women are offended because that is what one intends to happen when they spread lies about the holocaust in an attempt to ban medications they will personally never have to consider taking.


Bentley, a Republican and pharmacist from Russell, later apologized for his comments Wednesday night, saying he "meant absolutely no harm."

As state representatives debated an omnibus anti-abortion bill Wednesday afternoon, Bentley spoke about the medication abortions the legislation would restrict and invoked Jews and the Holocaust as he made claims about the origins of one such medication, which members of the Jewish community quickly denounced as both false and antisemitic.

Bentley falsely said RU-486, or Mifepristone, one of two pills taken to induce abortion, was developed during World War II and was called Zyklon B, the gas that killed millions of Jews in the Holocaust.

He added that "the person who developed (it) was a Jew."

The article leaves it appearing Rep. Bently has apologized for any offense his antisemitism and misogyny have caused but doesn't recant any of it. Also, it is awful that we've got folks so backed into a corner that legislators are trying to find religious exemptions for women trying to escape from these stupid laws. Naturally, this presented Rep. Bently with another opportunity to be foul:

Referring to an earlier floor amendment that attempted to allow Jewish women to be exempt from the abortion restrictions in the bill — with the Democrat who filed it, Rep. Mary Lou Marzian of Louisville, saying the faith does not believe life begins at conception — Bentley then opined on his perception of the sexual habits of Jewish women, "since we brought up the Hebrew family today."

"Did you know that a Jewish woman has less cancer of the cervix than any other race in this country or this world?" Bentley asked. "And why is that? Because the Jewish women only have one sex partner… They don't have multiple sex partners. To say that the Jewish people approve of this drug now is wrong."