Let's take a trip inside of a Jawbreaker

I find myself reminiscing about the pre-internet era. I don't mean before the internet was invented, but rather the period of time before the internet became the nucleus of everything. I miss the concept of mystery, before Google took all the fun out of everything, when certain topics existed behind a veil of ambiguity. If you and your friends were up to it, you'd spend hours babbling about the inane details around television shows or historical events. "What was the most popular All in the Family spin-off?" you'd ask, or "How many licks does it take to get the center of a tootsie pop?" Now that we have all an electronic Hercule Poirot in our pockets, there's no fun in BSing anymore.

However, surprisingly, having all the answers isn't a bad thing. Thanks to the video linked above, I figured out the answer to a question that plagued me since I was eight years old. What the hell is in a Jawbreaker?