Rep. Clyde vows to protect people who "accidentally carry their firearms through airport security"

The U.S. Congress is packed with many kooks, but Andrew Clyde of Georgia is my top pick for the weirdest goofball of the bunch. You might remember Clyde calling the white nationalist rioters who attacked police officers on January 6 "normal tourists." And earlier this week, Clyde was one of only three congress members who voted against making lynching a federal hate crime.

One thing's for certain about this freakish gentleman: he will always do the opposite of what's healthy for democracy.

The latest example of Clyde's bizarre behavior: he has vowed to fight to protect people who irresponsibly pack firearms in their carry-on luggage. In his tweet, Clyde said, "HR 6856 is nothing more than a thinly veiled attack on Americans exercising their Second Amendment rights—and I won't stand for it."

He may not stand for it, but plenty of gun owners have weighed in to let Clyde know that they think people who bring guns onto planes for any reason don't deserve to own guns and should face criminal consequences for their negligence. But calls for rational thinking don't penetrate Bizarro Clyde's thick skull. He's like a ROM chip, incapable of changing his perversely contrarian programming. I follow Clyde's Twitter feed, and not once have I seen him respond to anyone's replies.