The classic UFO house returns to Earth

We've posted many times about the Futuro House, the iconic UFO home created in the 1960s by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen. Fewer than 100 of these prefab tiny homes (50 square meters) were constructed with little more than half surviving to this day. Now, US Lighting Group—makers of RVs and boats—is bringing back the far out design. Their Futuro home fits inside an international shipping container for delivery and is made entirely from molded fiberglass and carbon fiber composites to prevent the deterioration that plagued the original Futuros. No price has been announced. From a press release:

Futuro Houses employs the same lightweight fiberglass composite materials, marine gelcoats, windows, and Furrion appliances currently used in the manufacture of 100% molded fiberglass RV travel trailers by its sister company, Cortes Campers. Utilizing the same materials with which Cortes Campers is already manufacturing, gives the company multiple advantages in volume purchasing power, production efficiencies, and gains in economies of scale with more cost-effective production.