University of North Texas students protest an anti-transgender candidate for House

Students at the University of North Texas loudly expressed their displeasure with Texas House District 63 candidate Jeff Younger's support of Texas' new pogrom against gender-conforming treatments and their caregivers for children and teens.

Younger was unable to give whatever campaign message he had been scheduled to deliver due to an overwhelming lack of desire to hear him out.


Younger, who is running for Texas House District 63, was scheduled to speak at an event organized by UNT chapter of Young Conservatives of Texas. The room where Younger was to speak was filled by protesters who drowned out Younger and organizers with a "F**k these fascists" and "trans rights" chants.
Younger, according to the tweets, only egged on the protesters by asking them to make more noise and proceeded to call the protesters "Communists." Another tweet alleges that Younger said "Trans people don't exist."