What are the effects of ASMR on the brain

When I first heard about ASMR, I couldn't believe it was as popular as people claimed. Then I took a look at the various subgenres, channels, and subscribers that float around the ASMR community, and I was blown away. ASMR, autonomous sensory meridian response, has become a staple genre within the YouTube scene. Sure, there are weirder ways to spend your time on the internet, but ASMR seems awfully peculiar to the common observer unless you're a fan. Even though ASMR can occasionally venture into the kinky territory, most videos within the genre are wholly innocent and supported by fans seeking the neurological stimulation implied in its name. ASMR devotees frequently attest to the therapeutic quality of the videos and even claim they're as beneficial as mediation.

In the video linked above, Wired's YouTube channel enlists a neuroscientist to explain what actually happens to your brain and body when you listen to ASMR videos.