Russian "influencers" recite identical denunciations of Ukraine

Check out this video compilation of Russian "influencers" all reciting the same statement extempo for their viewers. [via r/PublicFreakout]


In 2015, a memorial alley of angels was erected in Donetsk in memory of the children who died in the Donbas during the war, hundreds of innocent children were killed, and at the moment the shelling of the residents continues. We do not want to install new memorials and cannot allow the death of innocent children, Russia wants to stop the eight-year genocide in the Donbass and return the Peaceful Sky over their heads to children.

The video has the caption "Ukrainians don't need to be paid to be patriotic", a solid closer. But did these Russian kids have a choice? These are yet more children getting conscripted, tik tok and all, into Putin's worst war yet. It's his western fellow travelers and apologists to get coarse at, the smilers with the knives under their cloaks.

If you want to see adults do this act for money, here: