Save space, money, and trees with the iScanner app

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It's surprising how much paperwork we accumulate in the digital age. Yet here we are with filing cabinets full of documents, some perhaps long-forgotten. With a current emphasis on reducing our paper use (it's reported that Americans use 85,000,000 tons of paper a year), it's time to do our part. Scanning, rather than printing our documents, can be a helpful step.

Consider this: Each ton of recycled paper can save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, three cubic yards of landfill space, 4000 kilowatts of energy, and 7000 gallons of water. By simply scanning your documents and then shredding and recycling the paper, you can not only save space but, almost more importantly, help the ecosystem. Plus, you never know how to make beautiful creations out of your discards.

"But who has room for a scanner?" you ask. If you have a phone, you have the means to scan right in the palm of your hand. All you need to do is download this iScanner App to your iOS device, and you will be able to start converting any (or all!) your paperwork into PDFs or JPEGs, which you can subsequently edit.

But so much more than that, it features a QR code scanner, automatically counts similar objects using your camera, and even allows you to point your device at a math equation (either typed or handwritten), and iScanner will provide the solution (which may be frowned upon by math teachers everywhere). It can also measure an object's length and calculate the total room area by the same means.

Whether you're at the office, at school, or at home, this valuable app will ease your workload and help solve various day-to-day tasks. Scan and share with just a few taps, either by email or instant messaging or upload your documents to a cloud service for easy access. While we will likely never eliminate our paper use, iScanner can help us become responsible, environmentally-conscious citizens.

With over 70 million downloads and rated the #1 scanning app on the App Store, the iScanner app is, according to Gizmodo"yet another example of cleverly leveraging an always-connected camera to do more than just intelligently make photos look prettier."

Available to download to your iOS device, the iScanner app can be yours for only $39.99, a 79% discount off the suggested retail price.