What is the indigenous language of Mexico?

Even though it's a brutal and bloody history, the remnants of colonization are endlessly intriguing. On the one hand, the way that European nations carved up the planet is disgusting and has created entrenched economic stratifications that marginalize millions, but on the other hand…well, there is no other hand, actually. Colonization was pretty awful. However, as a fan of history, it's interesting to look at the present and trace the twisted roots of colonization back to yesteryear.

Language is one of my favorite subjects that subtly allude to the bloody nature of history. Listening to African immigrants speak French in New York City as you browse for knock-off handbags seems cool until you remember the barbaric origins of how their ancestors learned the language. The same applies to Mexican people and Spanish. If you ever wondered what the indigenous language of Mexico was before Spanish dominated the region, the video from Langfocus embedded above will hopefully satisfy your curiosity.