This build-your-own-cat is perfect for the STEM learner in your life

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If we look far enough back into history, we'll see that, while humans were once running around with clubs and banging rocks on other rocks, it's cats who were the real royalty. Even today, it seems like Fluffy won't go more than 45 seconds without a pet or a treat like the true queen she is.

But, for those of us who can't experience the love of a kitty because of housing constraints, allergies, or other furry friends, there's always another way to get your feline fix. So grab this Petoi Nybble and build your own purr monster.

There's a ton that's oh so very cool about Nybble, so let's get into it. First, let's introduce it: a palm-sized open-source bionic robot cat, Nybble is perfect for the STEM engineer in your life, young or old. Once you have all the nuts and bolts in place, Nybble exhibits genuine, cat-like behaviors that you program into its four legs.

Speaking of the legs, the legged motion (as opposed to movement from wheels) gives Nybble more freedom to navigate unstructured terrains and not get stuck on surfaces like the carpet (as opposed to some of its robot frenemies — looking at you, robot vacuum).

Back to the logistics, Nybble uses Scratch, C++, and Python coding to get going and is great for Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and Camera users alike. The five-component system comprised of the body frame, actuator, electronics, battery, and software will teach even the youngest STEM studiers all they need to know about how stuff works. At the very least, you'll be able to show all of your pals some adorable tricks you've programmed sweet Nybble to practice.

Still not sold? Just as the 1,898 backers who raised $481,112 to give this feline a good leap off the ground on Indiegogo, they'll tell you it's the cat's meow.

Get the Petoi Nybble: Cutest Open-Source Bionic Robot Cat, which includes plywood body parts, 11 P1S Servos, a NyBoard V1, USB programmer, Bluetooth dongle, WiFi dongle, infrared remote, and micro Cable for $249 (Reg. $279).

Prices subject to change.