Royal Blood's pulse-pounding track Out Of The Black is the perfect antidote to an acute case of the Mondays

Even though I'm a massive fan of rap music, rock will always have my heart. There isn't a feeling that's comparable to banging your head in unison with the mighty howl of an electric guitar. Momentarily losing your mind during a track's duration is one of the best forms of cathartic release available in music. Sadly, rock's popularity, and consequently its accessibility, dwindles every year. Yes, you can still discover new bands on your own, but the search consumes far more than finding a new MC. Kendrick Lamar is one of the best rappers ever, and you can find him by simply turning on the radio. Are you trying to find a new rock band? You're going to have to slog through Spotify's recommended for God knows how long.

Royal Blood isn't a new band, by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, the song linked above is about seven years old. However, it's new to me, so I suppose it's all relative. I extend this track to you-on what I presume is dreary Monday morning- as the auditory equivalent of cocaine. If my calculations are correct, the jolt that this song will induce on your synapses could potentially power you through any obstacle Monday puts before you. Please listen responsibly, friends.