Texas Airbnb host arrested for recording 2,100 images of guests naked and having sex

Police in Texas arrested Airbnb host A Jay Allee (54) for allegedly videotaping guests naked and having sex in his cabin near San Antonio.

According to the police affidavit, Allee told one of the guests to "be comfortable, we don't care if you are in your pjs or nude." This aroused the guest's suspicion, and after doing a YouTube search about finding hidden cameras they found a camera disguised as a power adapter.

Airbnb's rules forbid interior cameras. In a statement, an Airbnb spokesman said, "The reported criminal behavior of this bed-and-breakfast owner is outrageous, and he and his property are banned from Airbnb. Our law enforcement operations team has been working to support the Kendall County Sheriff's Office in their investigation."

Allee maintains his innocence and his lawyer says he's looking forward to his day in court. Will he be in pajamas or naked?