Alec Baldwin talks openly about pending "Rust" litigation, and how being directly involved in the death of another has "changed my life"

Talk about lives that were changed by cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on-set shooting death.

Alec Baldwin has already said a lot about his involvement, and his lack of liability, in the death of Halyna Hutchins. At the Boulder International Film Festival, Baldwin once again opened up as he congratulated himself on a newfound commitment to proper handling of on-set weapons as proof the event was "life-changing."

AV Club:

"I'm very hopeful when the facts come out. We will not be held criminally responsible but it has changed my life, and I don't mean this in the ordinary sense that I was involved in something or somebody passed. I mean, I was involved in a situation with somebody was killed. It's changed my life just in terms of the function of weapons in films and television," Baldwin said.

Baldwin also marvels that the lawsuit is seeking money.

"What you have is a certain group of litigants on whatever side, who their attitude is, well, the people who likely seem negligent have enough money. And the people who have money are not negligent, but we're not gonna let that stop us from doing what we need to do in terms of litigation," he added. "Why sue people if you're not going to get money? That's what you're doing."