Incredibly rare footage of "the unicorn of Yellowstone" (aka a wolverine)

On Saturday, a father and daughter touring Yellowstone National Park spotted an exceedingly rare wolverine walking across the highway. It was trying to get to the other side, of course. Apparently there are only seven or so wolverines in the entire 3,500 square-mile park.

"It was really magical to see and dad said it was like the unicorn of Yellowstone," said Maya Kemp, age 9.

Video below. From KTVQ:

Biologists estimate there are only about a half dozen wolverines in Yellowstone at any given time, so sightings are far and few in between. In fact, there is only one documented still photograph of a wolverine in Yellowstone and that picture was taken decades ago. A trail camera did capture a video of a wolverine in the park in January of 2021.