Watch British comedian Munya Chawawa mock the racist undertones of news networks covering the tragedy in Ukraine

Feelings of intense duality have come to define Putin's invasion of Ukraine. It's impossible to watch Russian tanks plow through Ukrainian streets without feeling a deep sense of sorrow for the victims of Putin's unjust incursion, as well as elevated feelings of apprehension about how this event could potentially impact the planet. At the same time, the strength and resolve of the Ukrainian citizens are more than enough to reaffirm one's dwindling faith in humanity. However, despite the feelings of global solidarity we all have with Ukraine, that doesn't mean we should ignore the array of awful news pertaining to racism inside the country.  

Since the beginning of the invasion, there have been countless reports of Ukrainian trains barring citizens of color from evacuating the country in favor of their white counterparts. In addition to the blatantly discriminatory practices surrounding the Ukrainian evacuation, the thinly veiled racism employed by the media to denigrate Middle Eastern refugees isn't any better. Complaints from viewers have pilloried several news outlets for framing the struggles of European refugees as more heartbreaking than those from the Middle East. 

Choosing to turn these absurd details into comedy, Munya Chawawa—winner of 2021 national comedy awards in the category of breakthrough comedian—crafted a perfect sketch to encapsulate the situation. Check it out in the video embedded above.