Buy this limited-edition print of Drew Friedman's homage to 1966 television

I love Drew Friedman's latest print, which riffs on The Beatles' Rubber Soul album cover to highlight four great TV shows that debuted in 1966 (the same year Rubber Soul came out, give or take a year). I know Star Trek, Batman, and The Monkees, of course, but had never heard of It's About Time until I saw this poster.

In 1966, American TV viewers discovered the full wonders of shows presented "In Living Color." Until that year, some programs still aired in the black & white format which had been standard since TV's inception in the late 1940s. The 1966-1967 prime time lineup marked the first season in which every show across the three major networks (ABC, NBC and CBS) aired in color.

Four shows that debuted that year, Star TrekBatmanThe Monkees, and (to a lesser degree) It's About Time, became ratings hits, creating an enthusiastic fan base that has remained loyal over a half-century later.

Adapting the iconic cover for the Beatles' album Rubber Soul (released in December 1965 but charted in '66), Drew Friedman celebrates these legendary shows by featuring Mike Nesmith of The MonkeesAdam West of BatmanJoe E. Ross of It's About Time, and Leonard Nimoy of Star Trekpositioned as the Fab Four