Photos from the Spirited Away stage play

As the legendary Hayao Miyazaki gears up to direct his final film, fans are taking a little more time to appreciate the acclaimed works of Studio Ghibli. The impressive Ghibli collection on HBO Max is an excellent place for audiences to get their fix, but for lucky Japanese Ghibli devotees, there's another venue for them to fulfill their cravings. Tokyo's Imperial Theather premiered a version of the Ghibli masterpiece Spirited Away last week.

 In the Instagram post embedded above, you can get a glimpse of the accurate costumes and sets that bring Miyazaki's classic film to life. The ability for such an imaginative tale to find a fruitful second life on the stage only speaks to the genius of Miyazaki. Very few animated features could hope to translate as beautifully as Spirited Away does in the world of theater. If you happen to be a Ghibli fan and find yourself in Japan anywhere between March 29th and July, you can catch the Spirited Away play live. If not, you can cross your fingers and hope the play makes its way to your neck of the woods. I know I will be.