He's dead, Jim. He's dead, Jim. He's dead, Jim. He's dead, Jim. etc.

Even more iconic than Dr. Leonard McCoy's "I'm a doctor, not a…" catchphrase on Star Trek: The Original Series is Bones's classic line "He's dead, Jim."

According to Memory Alpha, "DeForest Kelley refused to say the line after Spock's sacrifice in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. He felt that it would make the audience laugh, which was inappropriate for such a serious scene. Instead, Scotty was given the line 'He's dead already.'"

Episodes seen in the video above: The Man Trap, The Enemy Within, Miri, Dagger of the Mind, Amok Time, The Changeling, Catspaw, The Deadly Years, Wolf in the Fold, A Private Little War, Return to Tomorrow, The Apple, I Mudd, The Enterprise Incident, And the Children Shall Lead, Is There in Truth No Beauty?, Spectre of the Gun, For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky, The Lights of Zetar, Spock's Brain