In honor of women's history month, Barbie created their first South Asian CEO doll

Mattel designed Barbie to physically represent the masculine ideal of feminine beauty to young girls—a physical frame inviting body dysmorphia in those for whom it is unattainable and pejorative labeling ("Barbie dolls") in those who resemble its dimensions. Finally accepting the criticism, Mattel reconfigured Barbie's anatomy to make her figure more "slight" and "realistic".

Then there's the subject of Barbie's laundry list of remarkable careers. By giving the doll an array of "gender-defying" occupations, Mattel waved the flag of representation, seeing the potential to make more money (if not to make an impact). But Mattel has only slowly produced Barbie dolls from a full spectrum of ethnicities. The most recent addition to its expanding roster of racially-diverse dolls is the South Asian CEO Barbie, created in honor of Women's history month. Whatever corporate motives lie behind the doll's creation, I'm sure this Barbie will help South Asian girls by providing a tangible example of their potential.