Firefighters rescue a teen who got stuck in a tree trying to rescue a cat

Trying to do the right thing, a 17-year-old boy in Indiana tried to rescue a cat that was stuck high up in a tree. But soon enough, the boy, clinging on to a 35-foot-high tree branch for dear life, had to be rescued himself.

The Indianapolis Fire Department spent two hours, according to AP, creating an impressive rope system and using it to lower the teen down — much to the entertainment of the cat, who watched the ordeal while still stuck on its own branch. In the end, the boy only had a few scrapes and was good to go home, but the cat, as shown in the video, was curiously ignored and remained stuck in the tree.

Fortunately, the cat's young owner finally hired someone to retrieve the cat, as reported by AP:

The teen, identified in the release only as "Owen," told firefighters "he was trying to do a good deed and bring the cat to safety," wrote Rita Reith, battalion chief and the department's spokeswoman.

"While Owen had no trouble climbing up the tree –- his positioning did not allow the same ease for getting down," she added. …

"The cat seemed to enjoy the commotion but made no effort to climb down the tree," Reith wrote.

Reith said Monday that a 21-year-old woman who was the cat's owner ended up hiring a private company to retrieve the feline.