With election of "K-Trump," South Koreans consider moving to Canada

The recent election of South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol has some South Koreans eyeing Canada as a part of their escape plan. The Korea Herald says the far-right Yoon has "made remarks that would be offensive to other countries, praised heavily controversial political figures, gone after foreigners and shown a poor understanding of feminism." 

Yoon campaigned on a promise to abolish the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family and is an "avowed anti-feminist," according to AFP, which also says he has revealed his Trumpian credentials by "from praising one of the country's former dictators" and "belittling manual labor and Africans."

Insider collected some tweets from unhappy South Koreans who are considering getting the hell out:

A user with the handle @Im_not_pencil tweeted in Korean: "I have to study English and save money to immigrate to Canada. I can't stay in this stupid place anymore."

Another user, @Allow_opinion, wrote: "Let's all do our best, let's immigrate, let's meet in Canada or anywhere else. In our protest, let's meet."

User @1013653778_ shared tips on having a better chance at immigrating to Canada. "Must have — steady English learning — it is good to have IELTS 5.5 or higher," they wrote, referring to the standardized IELTS (International English Language Testing System) English test.