Scambaiter calls Rite Aid to warn manager a scam victim is coming to buy gift cards

This video may be a little confusing to those unfamiliar with call center scams, but here's what's going on: Scambaiter surveils scam calls live1 and attempts to warn the victims while they are being scammed (and plays a funny trick or two on the scammer along the way).

The highlight of the show, I think, starts about 5:15 in: an elderly woman has been told to go to Rite Aid and buy a gift guard for a scammer. The activist can't call her to warn her, because she's still on the phone with the scammer. So he instead looks up the Rite Aid branch and calls its manager to warn her what's about to happen in her store.

The Rite Aid manager seems indifferent and perhaps wary of the caller himself, reasonably enough. But then, look who walks in through the door.

Note how ruthless the scammer is and especially how abusive they become once a victim stops complying. Have no sympathy for scammers: they know what they do for a living and they do it because they're predators, not because they're poor.

1. Here's how a standard anti-scam formula works: by posing as a potential victim, you can get a scammer to open a connection to your (virtual) desktop. The remote desktop app in wide use is bidirectional and the scammers rarely know how it works beyond their script. So it's not unlikely that you end up able to watch everything they do simply by disrupting it (hang on, someone's at the door!) and being forgotten about.