The best Bruce Lee interview of all time

More than any piece of dialogue from his film catalog, Bruce Lee's most timeless quote is, "Be water, my friend." As well as becoming the cornerstone of his posthumous brand identity, Bruce Lee's philosophical musings on how human beings should develop the capacity to mimic the adaptability of water is as succinct and profound as Descartes' "I think, therefore I am." Considering that Lee was a philosophy major, it's not surprising that the seemingly still waters of his public persona ran incredibly deep when it came to esoteric extrapolations. Irrespective of how timeless the quote is, most Bruce Lee fans I've encountered haven't seen the entire interview. I aim to remedy that today.

In the video linked above, Bruce Lee visits the Pierre Burton show to share his insights into life and the "business of show" for a little under half an hour. If you've never gotten the pleasure of experiencing Lee's remarkable level of introspection, the video is a beautiful introduction to the thoughtful side of the "little dragon."