Will there ever be a good Fantastic Four adaptation?

The Fantastic Four sucks. That's a common opinion regarding Marvel's first family. The catalyst for Marvel's initial success in the 60s, The Fantastic Four is one of the most influential comics ever created. In addition to that, they just so happen to be my favorite comic property of all time. Whenever I encounter someone who slings negativity towards the FF's reputation, I die a little inside. "If only they knew," I say, "how awesome the Fantastic Four are on the page."

Many still see comics, despite being the primordial ooze from which multibillion-dollar movie franchises emerge, as a worthless medium. If a superhero adaptation stumbles at the box office, it doesn't matter how illustrious the character's reputation is on the page. Daredevil comics are among the finest examples of sequential art and narrative in the entire medium of comics, but most people thought ol' Horn head was trash until Netflix greenlit a gritty adaptation. If the FF hopes to vault themselves from the bottom of the pit of public perception, they're going to need a successful adaptation in either film or television. 

In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Nerdstalgic talks about why it seems so difficult for Hollywood to land a Fantastic Four adaptation. Outside of the Incredibles, that is.